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It isn’t always easy to get to church on a Sunday. Sickness and weather conditions are just two of the reasons why we miss that important time of hearing from God and enjoying fellowship with others. However so many excellent speakers have sermons on the internet now that we really don’t have an excuse for at least not listening to one message a week. Here you can find a number of sermons I preached in Budapest which I hope you may find edifying. All the sermons are in both English and Hungarian. The church where I preached these sermons is a mixed language group (although the service is nearly entirely in Hungarian) therefore that is why I work with a translator in these sermons.


Preaching in Budapest FMC

Preaching in Budapest FMC

Gerry and Kathy preaching.

If you happen to be in Budapest in the near future then check out this great church.

You will be sure of a warm welcome, lively worship and a good sermon. We speak there about once a month or so – hope to see you there soon!